Mel Gibson plays a spy in the thriller "The rest of the weekend"

Mel Gibson plays a spy in the thriller "The rest of the weekend"

Mel Gibson is going to try on the main image in the thriller by French director Benjamin Rocher "All other weekend» (Every Other Weekend), reported in The Hollywood Reporter website material.

In the center of the plot - a father and son who travel to Paris, experiencing on the road deadly adventure. The Pope is convinced that his son - a secret CIA agent, but he works there, though, but just a simple pros. The real spy is the third member of the family - grandfather by Gibson.

The original script was written by brothers newcomers Brandon Curtis and Bertelli. Later, they brought to mind the drama of David Moreau and Ted Safran. Filming should begin in the end of the year in France.

Mel Gibson recently collaborated with another French director Jean-Francois Richet, on the set of the action games "blood father".

Now Gibson removed with Sean Penn in the historical drama "The Professor and the Madman" and is preparing to launch in the US box office of his new directorial project "for reasons of conscience" with Andrew Garfield in the role of American hero of World of Desmond Doss. The painting is tipped in the upcoming "Oscar" race.

People suffering from acne, slower aging

People suffering from acne, slower aging

People are making a lot of efforts in order to cope with acne - in the course are and cosmetics, and medicines. However, for those who suffer from acne, there is good news. Scientists from (King's College London) King's College London found that people who suffered acne adolescence, live longer than those who did not have any problems with the skin. In addition, as an adult, they look younger than their peers.

Simon Ribeiro (Simone Ribero) explained that scientists have previously found that the skin of people suffering from acne, aging more slowly than those who do not have such problems, they appeared much later wrinkles.

The new study involved 1,205 pairs of female twins, a quarter of whom had acne. The authors found that those who suffered from acne, the telomeres in leukocytes were longer. Telomeres are located at the ends of chromosomes. With age, they become shorter. It is assumed that people with longer telomeres age slower than those who have them shortened. Recently it became known that aging attempted to stop via gene therapy. CEO BioViva underwent a course of gene therapy, by which managed to slow down the telomere shortening - whether it helped to stop aging is unclear.

Scientists have discovered one of the genes that controlled and telomere length, and acne. They have shown that people suffering from acne, has reduced activity of P53-signaling pathway that runs in the process of apoptosis. As a result of apoptosis, i.e. programmed cell death, and telomere shortening occurs.

In Japan, the unemployment rate in August rose to 3.1%

In Japan, the unemployment rate in August rose to 3.1%

Japan's unemployment rate in August to a seasonally adjusted 3.1% compared to 3% in July, according to the Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the country.

Thus, the figure exceeded forecasts of analysts polled by Reuters agency, who had expected that it will remain at the same level as last month.

The absolute number of unemployed in the country in August was 2.12 million, up 130,000 (5.8%) lower than a year earlier.

US to invest $ 50 million in the construction of the base for drones in Niger

US authorities invest a minimum of $ 50 million in the construction of a military base in Niger to unmanned aerial vehicles, which are designed to carry out counter-terrorism activities, said on Friday the BBC broadcasting company BBC referring to Pentagon spokesman Michel Baldansu.

US Units are already present at the Air Force base in the capital, Niamey, Niger with the French departments that are involved in Barkhane operations against Islamist groups. In particular, there are based combat UAVs MQ-9 Reaper.

The new base near the city of Agadez in the same province will give the Pentagon more opportunities to attack the extremists in neighboring countries, in particular in Libya, Mali and Nigeria. Michelle Baldansa confirmed that the United States has agreed to pay for the construction of Agadez new runway, "linking the pavements, administrative and farm buildings, and infrastructure." As expected, the project that "will become the largest US military construction in Africa", will be completed in 2017.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the estimated cost of the works is 50 million dollars. However, information publication Intersept previously informed that similar work will cost the Pentagon twice as expensive.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones used by the US military for aerial reconnaissance, as well as attacks on places that represent the greatest risk or complexity for the job on manned aircraft, said Bi-bi-si.

In China, four were killed and 23 people were missing when a landslide

BEIJING, September 30 - RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. At least four people were killed and 23 reported missing when a landslide on one of the villages in the province of Zhejiang in the east of China, Xinhua news agency reported.

The incident occurred on Thursday in the village Sutsun.

The volume of the village collapsed rock was 400 thousand cubic meters. On-site emergency 20 houses were destroyed and another 17 are flooded. The authorities were forced to at the time of the search and rescue work temporarily evacuated from nearby buildings 1460.

According to the agency, as of Friday, 02.00 (MSK), 15 people were rescued, 23 still remain unaccounted for.

The cause of the landslide began to rain, which brought with it a typhoon "Megi".

Google announced the offline version of YouTube

Google announced the offline version of YouTube

Google is on in the Delhi press conference introduced the YouTube special version, targeted at users in developing countries, where internet connection speed is poor. The new app - YouTube Go - you can store videos in mobile device memory and view them offline.

Before downloading the video can be viewed frame by frame preview, and specify the quality, affecting the size of the final file. In addition, YouTube Go will allow to transfer videos to other devices via Bluetooth.

This is not the first attempt to make Google YouTube easily accessible in regions with poor connectivity and expensive Internet traffic. Two years ago, the company has included offline viewing on Android, which caches the video in a smartphone memory, so that after that it can be viewed without an Internet connection. And in June, it was launched function Smart Offline, which automatically downloads the videos selected users in the period, when the cellular data most favorable (eg at night).

Mary Elizabeth Winstead landed the role of "Fargo" in the third season

Mary Elizabeth Winstead landed the role of "Fargo" in the third season. The star of "Cloverfield, 10" and a fresh series "Brainless" joined Yuenu McGregor and Carrie Coon.

The action of the series is transferred to 2010. After the events of the season number one took four years. Protagonists will Stassi brothers, a successful businessman and Emmitt unsightly cop Ray, which will represent a single actor - Ewan McGregor. Carrie Coon appear in the image of the police chief of a small town, Eden Valley, has recently gone through a divorce.

Winstead plays the role of an insidious kartezhnitsy-seductress Nikki Svango freed on parole. Passion for the bridge has an impact on her thinking: this woman is always a plan that it embodies, always being one step ahead of his opponents.

Website The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the contract Winstead has a point, according to which priority is participation in the CBS comedy «Brainless". If the series renewed for a second season, the actress will have to give preference to him, in case of coincidence of the shooting schedule.

Series creator Noah Hawley announced a third season as a story that takes place in the "world selfie", "where there is a social activity against the Lutheran pragmatism in the region."

Shooting of "Fargo," the third season will begin this year. The broadcast channel FX series will return in 2017.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts diverge

I broke another Hollywood family. Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts break up after 11 years of marriage. Their relationship began in 2005 and were not decorated officially married.

Yesterday the pair released a joint statement in which they say that they decided to leave. Schreiber and Watts at odds with "a great love, respect and friendship in their hearts" and will continue together to raise their children - 9-year-old Alexander and 7-year-old Samuel. The reason for the gap can not be explained, "out of respect for the children."

During the years of living together Schreiber and Watts starred in three joint paintings - "The Painted Veil" 2006 comedy anthology "Movie 43" and the boxing biopik "Bleeding", presented at this year's Venice Film Festival. The latest tape Watts played the wife of the protagonist, a heavyweight boxer Chuck Uepnera by Schreiber.

Satellites of Jupiter Europe - ice ocean

NASA Astronomers have received a new version of the confirmation of the existence of the ocean under the surface of Jupiter's moon - Europe. The images obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope, they saw the outlines of which consider the image of geysers erupting from beneath the surface of Europe, according to NASA's website.

According to scientists, these geysers erupt at a height of about 200 kilometers. With their help, the researchers expect to receive samples of the materials under a thick crust of ice, which covered Europe, without the need to drill the planet's surface.

According to NASA believes, ice ocean on Europa contains twice as much water than all of Earth's oceans combined. "Ocean Europe is considered one of the most promising places in the solar system, where it can potentially hide extraterrestrial life", - said the representative of NASA's Science Mission Control Jeff Yoder.

Previously, scientists have assumed that in the Europe of the supposedly salty water of the ocean to a depth of 100 km, punching thickness of ice periodically breaks out, forming a fountain and leaving tiny drops of water in a very rarefied atmosphere. This release of water was fixed Hubble in 2012 near the south pole of Jupiter's moon, Tass said.

Then astronomer Lorenz Roth found on ultraviolet images of the bright spots in Europe's south pole. In the course of further study of astrophysics have come to the conclusion that the spots are geysers, rising about 160 kilometers above the planet's surface. However, while scientists do not have enough data to confirm their accuracy with a guess.

In the German Dresden detonated two homemade bombs

Two homemade bombs exploded in the German city of Dresden, no injuries, reports Reuters referring to the statement by the head of the Dresden police Horst Kretchshmara. Both incidents occurred on Monday evening, 26 September.

The first explosion occurred at 21:53 local time (22:53 Moscow time) near one of the mosques. According to police, at the time of the explosion at the mosque Imam he was with his wife and children. None of them was hurt, but the building was damaged - the blast knocked the door.

The second explosion occurred about half an hour later - at 22:19. This time the bomb went off near the International Convention Center. Some guests convention center and visitors to the bar situated in the vicinity of the hotel have been evacuated.

Seen from both the scene police found the remains of improvised explosive devices. According Kretchshmara, the two attacks are related. Despite the fact that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the blasts, police believe the criminals were xenophobic motives. "We also see a connection with the celebration of the Day of German Unity in the next weekend," - said Kretchshmar.

Xiaomi will release clone iPhone 7

Xiaomi will release clone iPhone  7

Xiaomi Company on September 27 to present new smartphones - presumably Mi5s and Mi5s Plus. The manufacturer has published a teaser, which implies that the device will get back panels with a glossy surface - very similar to the iPhone 7 in the color "black onyx".

The new smartphone will also be available in this version (whether the new smartphones in glass cases, is still unknown). Pottery much stronger than glass. Probably it will not be so badly scratched as nine-anodized iPhone 7.

Proposed specifications Xiaomi Mi5S:
Chipset: Snapdragon 821, 2.4 GHz, Adreno 530 graphics
Memory (RAM / ROM) 6/64 GB, 4/32 GB
Main camera: 16 megapixels, optical stabilization on four axes, the aperture of f / 1.8, dual LED flash, phase detection autofocus, 4K video recording at 30 fps, HDR
Battery: 3410 mAh (minimum) / 3490 mAh (typical), support for fast charging Qualcomm fast charge 3.0
Communications: 4G / 3G / 2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB Type-C
Sensors: infrared, gyroscope, accelerometer, light
Dimensions: 144,55 x 69,2 x 7,25 mm
Weight: 147 g

In older versions of specifications will be similar, with the exception of size, the diagonal of the screen, and the battery capacity (the parameters are not yet known). Expected version with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of non-volatile memory. In addition, Xiaomi previously hinted at a double chamber in Xiaomi Mi5S Plus. Perhaps both the smartphone will receive double modules.


  Scientists from the University of Carnegie Mellon Guillaume Lampl and Devendra Singh Chaplot created an artificial intelligence system and taught her to play video games. That is, to play in a literal sense. Do not be guided by previously spelled out ways and scripts, as is the case with all bots in the game, namely to navigate in the virtual space, to use interface and controls study the levels and gameplay mechanics. That is, if it even easier, if the modern videogame artificial intelligence is "inside" the game and fully programmed, the newly created AI is "outside" the game and knows the internal structure of the game world as the human player.

  Playing DooM, AI only uses the flow of visual information read from the screen, and performs two tasks in parallel. First, the movement on the map, collect items and weapons, interface analysis. Second, the fighting (Aim, strafe, the choice of the most suitable weapons, opponents of the study of behavior).

  Training artificial intelligence skills of all of the above was carried out on a blank card. System are encouraged to find the right route, found objects and secrets, and for the death penalty imposed on AI. Then, an artificial brain has learned to recognize the enemy and hit them with the available arsenal just a few hours. Well, after the fun began: AI released a multiplayer battles in the arena! And he almost always came out victorious from battles "1 on 1". What can we say about the monsters, which a new player clicked as nuts. By the way, all the tricks of training management video game AI have gone just one week.

Chelsea suffered the biggest defeat in a London derby in 26 years

Chelsea suffered the biggest defeat in a London derby in 26 years

The "Chelsea" lost to "Arsenal" Visiting the sixth round of the FA Cup with a score of 0: 3. "Blue" lost points in home championship for the third match in a row
The score at the 11th minute opened Alexis Sanchez, who took advantage of a blunder by Gary Cahill. Cahill unsuccessfully threw the ball back to his goalkeeper, the Sanchez intercepted a pass, went one on one with Thibaut Courtois and beat Belgian goalkeeper.

Three minutes later, "Gunners" have increased the score. "Chelsea" left in offside Theo Walcott, but the ball did not follow him, and Hector bellerin. The Spaniard shot into the penalty area, and Walcott, who at this time was in the right position, scored the second goal.

Five minutes before the end of the match Mesut Ozil brought the score to a large, throw the ball over the goalkeeper Courtois within. In the second half the score remained unchanged.

The defeat was the largest for the "Chelsea" in the matches against the "Arsenal" in the last 26 years. The team of Antonio Conte has fallen to eighth place in the championship - in the last three matches Londoners scored only one point for a draw in the game with "Swansea". In the last round "Chelsea" lost home "Liverpool".

"Arsenal" after this victory, returned to third place in the championship. From high-end "Manchester City", he is behind by five points.

Coach "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger said his team played a good match.

Russian hockey players have lost Canadians in the World Cup semi-final

Team Canada defeated the Russian team at the World Hockey Cup semi-final. score - 5: 3 in favor of the hosts of the tournament
Russian hockey players have finished performance at the World Hockey Championship. In the semifinals of the tournament Russians lost Canadians with a score of 3: 5. The home team have implemented a competitive advantage in the final period, scoring three goals in ten minutes.

The Russians began to fail the first time. In the eighth minute Kulikov played casually in their zone and lost the puck, and the captain of Canadians Crosby popped one on one with the goalkeeper Bobrovsky and realized his chance. At the World Cup in Canada, the Russians passed in the first period in three of the four matches - against the Swedes, North Americans and Canadians.

The hosts were superior to the Russians in the number of shots, but kept Bobrowski minimum the lead. After the break the game and joined the Russian striker. After 29 minutes, Kucherov accurate throw to the far corner equalized, and in the end the period Kuznetsov sent the puck into the goal, the Russian team took the lead. Before the end of the period was only three minutes, but leave the last break lead in the long run it could not be a Russian hockey players. A minute later, the Canadians rebalance efforts Merchant.

Outcome of the match was decided in the first ten minutes of the third period. Canadians included the speed and three times beat Bobrowski. First Marchand scored twice almost accurate throw from the blue line. After that, the defenders of the Russian team missed Perry, who threw into an empty net with Piglet, fifth washer for 50 minutes, scored Tavares. Striker Canadians allowed to cause wrist shot from a few meters.

The Russians have not been able to return to the game. Two minutes before the end of the meeting, the coaching staff took the goalkeeper Oleg Znarka releasing the sixth field player. The move paid off, but Panarin only managed to reduce the score for a few seconds before the final siren.

The Russian national team at the World Cup hockey played in group B. In the opening match of the Russians lost to the Swedes with the score 1: 2. In the second round of the Russian hockey players beat the team of young stars in North America, made up of the best players from Canada and the US under the age of 23 years, who were not included in the national team. In the final group stage match wards Oleg Znarka Finns inflicted defeat with the score 3: 0. As a result, the Russians out of their group in the semi-finals with a second place, and the first line took the Swedes.

Spike Lee will remove the TV series based on his debut in 1986

Spike Lee said thirty years of his directorial debut, "She is desperately needed" contract with Netflix to shoot the same series remake. The director is obliged to supply all ten episodes of the first season.

The film is told in 1986 about a young girl from Brooklyn Nola Darling, who is torn between three lovers: intellectual, bespectacled, narcissistic "peacock" -model and talkative childish. In the new series, the plot kept supporting structure and Brooklyn residence protagonist, but Nola became a painter, intellectual - to the banker, Infante - in the B-boy and man slightly civilize the modeling business. On the agenda in the new Nola Bermuda Triangle is not only men who want to be with her, but as always topical issues of professional development and relationships with friends.

Episodes will be a half-hour. Spike Lee issued a press release in which it admitted that the engine of the project is to his wife and producer Tonya Lewis Lee, came up to turn black and white full meter mnogoseriyku.

Original 1986, the first full meter Lee, was shot over two weeks and 175 thousand dollars. The film won a prize at Cannes and the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Newcomer.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced after 12 years of marriage. The initiator of the gap in the "star" Hollywood family made Jolie, citing "irresolvable conflicts" and explaining that it is necessary to maintain a healthy climate in the family.

Representing the interests of the actress, director and UN Goodwill Ambassador, lawyer, Robert Offer said that the conflict has not involved a third party (ie we are not talking about adultery). The decision to separate her ward dictated, according to him, only the fact that Pitt negatively affects their six children. Jolie insists on sole custody of the children and give ex-wife time to visit.

Brad Pitt responded, made the following statement: "I am saddened by what happened, but the main thing now - is the well-being of our children. I kindly ask the media not to disturb them in this difficult time. "

American tabloids build different assumptions about the real causes of divorce "star" couple. Mentioned version Pitt's infidelity, like an affair with Marion Cotillard while working on the film of Robert Zemeckis 'Allies', where they were shot together. According to rumors, suspecting something was wrong, Jolie frequently hired a detective who found the evidence of adultery.

Also quotes Jolie that her husband recently became interested in alcohol and marijuana. This regularly led to his uncontrollable outbursts of anger.

The explosion injured two people in the center of Budapest

As a result of powerful explosion in the center of Budapest, the Hungarian capital injured two people, reports the BBC. The police put forward the version of the gas explosion, but is continuing to collect data.

The explosion on Sunday night on the first floor of the shopping center, located near the Oktogon Square. Among the two injured police officer.

Information from law enforcement agencies about the incident is extremely limited. "The police asked the help of experts to study the area, witnesses and survey data collection" - quoted by Reuters news agency the statement police. A police spokesman did not provide any information as to whether the explosion could be the result of a deliberate attack.

Security forces cordoned off the area around the square Oktogon and asked residents to leave the neighboring houses. Information about the new victims have not yet received.

China started the world's largest radio telescope FAST

   The world's largest radio telescope FAST launched in the Chinese province of Guizhou in the southwest of the country, reports the AP. It is expected that a highly sensitive telescope would help in the search for extraterrestrial life, the study of dark matter and the evolution of galaxies.

   FAST stands for "Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope". As the name implies, the diameter of the telescope is 500 meters. Area giant equals the total area of ​​30 football fields, and each of the reflectors 4450 can adjust the position with millimeter precision. It is assumed that the sensitivity of the telescope 10 times the 100-meter radio in Germany.

   Construction County Pintana was conducted over five years, and the cost of the project amounted to more than $ 180 million. In addition, the Chinese authorities have moved 9000 people living in a radius of five kilometers from the radio telescope, reminds RIA "Novosti". For them, 600 houses in two new settlements were built.

   FAST and a half times the size of the previous record holder - radio telescope of the Arecibo Observatory, located in Puerto Rico, with a diameter of 300 meters.

   Chinese scientists from the National Astronomical Observatory expect their radio telescope will be one of the world leaders for 10 or even 20 years.

Harvard was awarded the Ig Nobel prize

In the United States at Harvard University held a ceremony of the so-called Ig Nobel Prize - Ig Nobel Prize - which is awarded for scientific achievements absurd and strange study. Among the winners of this year - sexuality researcher rodents and wannabe habits of animals, according to TASS.

This year, the prize for ingenuity authors noted carmaker Volkswagen, to deceive the tests for harmful substances in exhaust gases. The scandal turned investigation automaker activities in several countries in Europe and Asia and in the US Volkswagen has agreed to spend about $ 16.5 billion on compensation.

Another prize was awarded to the Swedish Fredrik Sobergu entomologist, who has published three volumes of research Diptera titled hoverfly. Soberga three-volume edition was recently published in English. From the rostrum of the shared secret of success: "I am 15 years writing books that no one read, until I realized that it is better to write about what you know is good Subject is not important.". He also said that now dreams of becoming a rock star - "wearing leather pants, sunglasses, to get the fans."

Egyptian Ahmed Shafiq won the award thanks to his study of how the underwear material effect on the pairing of rodents. Professor at Cairo University empirically found that putting on pants made of polyester due to the properties of this synthetic fabric electrostatically charged negatively affects the libido rats. Shafiq died in 2007, he was awarded the prize posthumously.

Another prize winner was the scholar at Oxford University in England, Charles Foster. It is during the months of alternately portrayed mountain sheep, yak, fox, deer and birds in order to see the world through their eyes. His observations and experience researcher outlined in the book "Being a beast."

Andreas Sprenger of the University of the German city of Luebeck opened the simplest remedy for itching hands. It offers a look into the mirror and scratching the other arm. This brain is fooled, and itchy limb is not so much suffer from scratching.

Professor of psychology at the American Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) Gordon Logan with colleagues from Canada and Europe have pleased opinion poll on the subject lies. The results of his research revealed that the most consummate liars are young people. However, on the question of whether respondents lied to him, Logan said he does not so sure.

Antinobelevskoy prize is awarded "for achievements that first makes you laugh, and then - to think." It was established by the magazine "Annals of Improbable Research" in 1991. Since 1999, the prize is awarded in 10 fields. Some nominations coincide with the Nobel, the remaining established each year separately. This award winners receive from the hands of Nobel Prize winners over the years.

Hackers have published a copy of the passport Michelle Obama

A copy of the supposedly passport US First Lady Michelle Obama was in the public domain on the Internet. Scan a document posted on the Web hacker group calling itself the DC Leaks. In this case, hackers claimed to have received the data of the First Lady, cracking a post White House staff Ian Melloul, who worked on the election campaign of US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

The DC Leaks account on Twitter published a copy of the passport Michelle Obama is accompanied by the words "Check personal email of Ian Melloul for the presence of more cool stuff." The site of the hacker group specifies that Melloul is a member of staff of the White House.

According to cracks, he coordinates the work with the US intelligence agencies and local law enforcement agencies, to ensure maximum safety of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joseph Biden during their official visits and visits. "At the same time he was involved in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton", - noted the hackers.

The White House on Thursday, 22 September, declined to comment on the actions of the hacker group. At the same time press secretary Josh Ernest said that the presidential administration is serious about this issue, according to Reuters. "We are aware of these reports in the media, and we are investigating it," - said the public prosecutor Loretta Lynch US at a press conference.

Snowden. No exit

  If you are looking to learn something new or hitherto unknown about the events of 2013, when a former CIA and National Security Agency employee Edward Joseph Snowden to journalists from newspapers The Guardian and The Washington Post classified information about the surveillance of the United States government agencies for the information of citizens communications for worldwide, the "Snowden" in store for you tragic disappointment. Contrary to the advertising company, the new film by Oliver Stone (director "Wall Street" and "JFK: Shots in Dallas"), present and possible chief director-patriot of his country, he not turned a thriller and a drama about the relationship between two people - actually Snowden and his girlfriend Lindsey - have passed through fire and water, and have managed despite everything to preserve the pristine love and care about each other.

  "Snowden" made an incredibly clever, interesting and politically correct course of horse betting on the complex personality of the title entity. Instead, to understand the intrigues that were lying on the surface of all news reports, when Snowden fled first to Hong Kong, and later in Russia, where he received a three-year residence permit, Stone looks much deeper and looking in the first place not a patriot, a traitor, or spy, and humble, closed, shy man who lived for several years with a clear awareness of their own responsibility, as a citizen and an individual, the whole world is not in the end decided on a desperate act and did a secret revealed.

  Of course there is some guile in Stone's statements and the producers of the picture, they do not apply to Snowden as a character with whatever was prejudice and do not expose it neither a hero nor a traitor. Because it is here and pretentious staff and loud statements and general predisposition to Snowden, which is not bad, but on the contrary good. This is not a faceless film, and the film with the soul and passion for the subject under consideration, even if it is not the film that many expected to see.

North Korea conducted a successful test of a powerful new rocket engine

North Korea conducted a successful ground test of a new rocket engine, reports Yonhap agency.

According to KCNA, North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un personally supervised the test of a powerful rocket engine of a new type at the space center in the Shohei. The engine is capable of outputting at a geostationary orbit satellites. It is noted that the booster can be applied to various types of satellites, including those intended for earth observation.

The North Korean leader also ordered to "run more satellites for various purposes, to improve the local technology and thus turn our country in the coming years, the owner of geostationary satellites", KCNA gave (quoted by "Interfax").

Recall September 9, the DPRK announced the successful completion of another nuclear weapons test. Prior to that, the DPRK's nuclear test carried out in January this year, and, besides, they took place in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

Subsequently, the UN Security Council held a closed emergency meeting at which members of the Council strongly condemned the recent nuclear test in North Korea and declared their readiness to discuss new serious measures against Pyongyang.

In the United States crashed spy plane U-2

In the US state of California crashed spy plane U-2. The pilots managed to eject, but one of them died a few hours later clarified the representatives of Beale Air Force Base, where the plane took off. It is reported by Los-Angeles Times.

Reconnaissance aircraft fell to the ground in the countryside shortly after taking off from an air base. U-2 carried out a training flight. Initially, on the basis of reports that both pilots managed to eject and survived. Then came clarification of "no official information" on the status of the pilots. It later emerged that the bailout one of them was killed and the other injured when landing.

The reasons for the disaster at the time of this writing are not named.

LAT recalls that in 1996 in the same area crashed another U-2 - then killed the pilot and a woman in the parking lot, where the plane crashed.

U-2 uses US military intelligence throughout the world since 1955. TASS reminds that the fame he acquired in 1960 when the US Air Force pilot, Francis Gary Powers, who ran such a plane was shot down by Soviet air defenses over the Urals. Pilot during interrogation admitted that to take photographs of the Soviet military-industrial facilities.

Powers had been in prison for 21 months, and returned home in 1962, when he was exchanged for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel-illegal (William Fisher), who was arrested in the US on charges of "nuclear spies".

Britney Spears and acne

  Like Katy Perry, pop princess Britney is suffering from acne since his childhood. Even now the mother of two children popping up annoying pimples on the face. But there were times even worse, as evidenced by this photo:

Britney Spears
Remove old traces of inflammation Britney Spears helped Estheticians using laser resurfacing. Deep scars remained, but, nevertheless, called the skin of the singer can not be perfect. Bold shine and enlarged pores on the face of Britney spoil the whole picture. retin a for acne

Author of the Spawn comic book movie promises to reboot

  The author of the comic book Spawn Todd MakFarlin still hopes to return his beloved hero to the big screen. In the latest interview on channel AMC creator of the original comic book he said that a new "Spawn" will not continue, and reboot.

  MakFarlin says Spawn back almost ten years, since 2007. As the work progresses with the script, Todd announced him as a sinister and scary "adult" movie for an audience that likes to "The Departed" (whatever that means). Later, the author plans have changed slightly: MakFarlin decided that he wanted to make a movie without expensive special effects piling up, most horror-thriller than the current recension supergeroicheskogo genre. In 2013, seems to be an agreement was reached with a kind of "Oscar-winning" actor (said they might be Jamie Foxx), a year later Marfarlin finally announced to the world that he finished work on the script, and even took the liberty to say that in 2016 th will begin shooting.

  Now MakFarlin says that mercilessly cut its 183-page script (one printed sheet is approximately equal to minute of screen time), so as not to scare off the producers, who generally prefer to deal with the 120-page works. He said he intends to stop when usushit text up to 140 pages. The agenda remains the same: a new "Spawn" is realistic, gloomy, scary, zaboristye and, of course, with the rolling rated R.

Prime Sweden denied the rumors about the growth of the threat posed by the Russian Federation

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has denied rumors of a connection between the growing military threat to their country by Russia and the decision of Stockholm early return permanent troops on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. The head of the Swedish government issued a denial, while in New York for the opening session of the UN General Assembly and the Summit of leaders for Refugees.

Leuven said that direct military threat to Sweden is not, according to Local, with reference to the agency TT. "I've said it before, and it remains unchanged: a direct military threat to Sweden no", - assured politician.

Leuven also responded to a question about the Swedish moderate opposition party that the Government should organize a consultancy study to review the situation in the country in the field of security. "This question can be answered Defense Minister direct military threat to Sweden is not, but we have long been able to note that the security situation has changed, not least because of the events in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea.", - Said the prime minister.

It became known yesterday that the Swedish authorities had received some information about the growing threat from Russia. The nature and content of the threats to the European leadership of the country holds the stamp of secrecy, told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter sources in the community with access to military planning and data security services. source publication in the Cabinet said that the essence of information about Russia kept secret even for them.

In this newspaper pointed to a possible link Sweden received information about the growth of the threat posed by the Russian Federation with the decision of the Swedish authorities to return early in the strategic island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea of ​​the standing army. The mechanized infantry company of 150 soldiers on September 14th was ordered to stay on the island, where the training exercises. Full battle group on Gotland will be formed by the summer of 2017 instead of the beginning of the 2018-th.

Last military unit on Gotland was disbanded in 2005. Previously it was assumed that the military return there not later than 1 January 2018. The structure located on the island garrison will mechanized and tank company. In the company of mechanized will be permanently 168 soldiers and 15 vehicles. The tank unit will include 120 people and 10 armored vehicles.

In July, the Swedish commander in chief of the Armed Forces Mikael Byuden called Russia's main military threat to the kingdom, speaking at a forum of the political week on Gotland.

In February this year released a report to NATO, which has reported that in 2013 Russia conducted exercises to simulate an attack on Sweden. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that "the degree of military maneuvers and exercises Russia have reached a level not seen since the end of the Cold War." In the State Duma of the Russian Federation report Stoltenberg called the "horror stories".

In January 2016 the chairman of the parliamentary committee on National Defence Sweden Allan Widman said that a potential enemy of the kingdom could be Russia. The reason for this he saw in the development of international relations in connection with the events in Georgia and Ukraine. MP gave a prominent role, and the weakening of the Russian economy due to the sanctions and low oil prices.

In Florida alligator swimming in the river bitten homeless

A homeless man was taken to the city hospital Melborn (Florida, USA) with a torn shoulder injuries after he was bitten by an alligator.

According to police, 55-year-old man was attacked when bathed in the water under the overpass. Police Chief Melborna Dan Lynch said that alligator crept up and grabbed the man, passes WFTV9. It happened in the morning of Monday, 19 September.

Edition Click Orlando said that we are talking about a very large animal. According to eyewitnesses, the alligator length is not less than two and a half meters.

The cries of the homeless have heard the police who have passed training nearby. "Officers rushed to the cries and found the man on the river bank with terrible wounds on his shoulder," - says Lynch.

The victim was taken to the Regional Medical Center Holmes. Doctors claim that he would survive.

Journalists were able to talk with one of the witnesses to the attack.

"I was standing there on the bridge, and casually looked down I saw a head, it was like this is great." - Said Mark Smith, Brown, with his hands, which was the head of a large reptile.

Staff Service ryboohrane and Wildlife Conservation Florida scour the surrounding streams, to establish the whereabouts of an alligator. Hunting it will continue as long as the predator is found.

"Alligator must be somewhere nearby They are very attached to their territory is our hope that it stays in place and we will be able to find it..," - Said the expert conservationists Chad Weber.

According to him, after the capture of an alligator mouth will be taken DNA samples, which will determine whether it is the individual that attacked the man.

This year in Florida there have been several similar incidents. In one case, a boy whose alligator utyanul under water on the beach at Disney World, died. Locals demand the authorities to install warning signs in the habitat of alligators.

At the same time, Wesh citing experts said that in the flowering state any body of water is potentially dangerous. No cause for alarm, says the publication, it is sufficient to be aware of.

France has arrested 8 suspected accomplices artist terrorist attack in Nice

   French police on the night of Monday to Tuesday, September 20 raided in Nice and its suburbs - the communes of Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Cagnes-sur-Mer - and detained eight people suspected of having links with terrorist Mohamed Boolell asking evening July 14, 86 people on the waterfront, said BFMTV.

   The prosecutors believe that the bomber did not act alone, and had accomplices. Police believe that all the detainees were part Boolell environment. "All the detainees - men French and Tunisian origin", - told the police. They are detained, interrogated them about their relationship with the terrorist.

   Six accomplices Boolell detained earlier have been indicted. This three immigrants from Tunisia and a couple from Albania - four men and one woman.

   Accusations of complicity in organizing terrorist attacks brought the three men, known only by their names - Shokri Mohamed Walid and Ramzi. The first two dealt with the killer a day before the attack, and the last SMS sent Boolell shortly before the attack. Ramsey was also charged with arms trafficking.

   In addition, the detained Albanians couple, they are accused that they have provided Boolell gun, from which he returned fire from the police before he was killed. Finally, 36-year-old detainee by the name of Hamid accused of conspiring with the terrorist. He was photographed in the background of the truck, a few days before the attack, and investigators suspect that he was aware of the planned attack.

Differin cream for wrinkles

Differin - a drug in the form of a cream or gel for the treatment of acne. It is produced by the French pharmaceutical company «Galderma», specializing in the production of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases. The drug can be used in patients older than 12 years; available without prescription.

Today, the pharmacies you can find a huge amount of drugs for the treatment of acne and acne, most of which are ineffective. The variety of products makes it difficult the correct choice - it is in relation to your situation. This article was prepared by a professional dermatologist, and it will allow you to understand - whether effective Differin exactly in your situation.

Adapalene, part of Differin has komedonoliticheskim action (acne facilitates removal and inhibits their formation), as well as anti-inflammatory action and sebostaticheskim. The drugs are based on the effects of adapalene on epithelial cells that line the inside of the hair follicle.

As it is well known acne / acne are formed because of 2 factors -
→ due to increased production of the sebaceous glands secretions (sebum)
→ hyperkeratosis of the hair follicle epithelium, resulting in the follicle lumen accumulates a large number of dead epithelial cells exfoliated. Excess fatty secretions and exfoliated cells leads to clogging of skin pores and acne formation (ris.3-4). differin side effects

Adapalene acts on the hair follicle epithelium, regulating keratinization process and exfoliating dead cells, which leads to a sharp reduction in the amount of exfoliated epithelial cells into the lumen of the follicle. As a result, the termination of the formation of fat tubes (acne) in skin pores.

Moldova to extend the contract with Gazprom on the import and transit of gas.

   In 2016 it will continue to apply the European formula for calculating the gas price for Moldova consumers. The remaining contractual terms of delivery and transit of gas will also remain unchanged, the press-service of JSC "Moldovagaz".
The company JSC "Moldovagaz" extended for 2016 contracts with "Gazprom" on gas supply to the country and to its transit through the territory of the republic, said on Thursday the press service of the Moldovan companies.

  "Duration of the contract between PJSC" Gazprom "extended by mutual agreement until 31 December 2016. To this end, the parties signed an addendum to the contract on the terms of the supply of natural gas to Moldova in 2007-2011 and to the contract on natural gas transit conditions in the territory of the republic in 2011, "- said in a statement," Moldovagaz ".

  Thus, the company points out, in 2016 will continue to apply the European formula for calculating the gas price for Moldova consumer, which is based on the arithmetic mean price of gas sales "Gazprom" in the CIS countries and the prices of petroleum products quotations. "The remaining contractual terms of delivery and transit of natural gas will also remain unchanged", - stated in a press release.

  "Gazprom", which owns 50% of JSC "Moldovagaz", is the main supplier of gas to Moldova. Signed in November last year addendum to the contract for 2015 provided for the preservation of the supply volume to the 2014 level, the ─ nearly three billion cubic meters.

Black Mask DC

Bryan Cranston superhero

   Do you dream of seeing a star of the series "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston in some of Hollywood superhero movies? The actor had already thought about it and in a recent interview with AMC called the names of the three notorious characters in comics, which he could play.

   First Cranston mentioned that it is preferable to embody the image of a brand new character in the superhero blockbuster, which has not yet appeared on the pages of comic books, but then still called the list of favorites: "Lex Luthor, although it played many times. I also offered to take on the role of Commissioner Gordon. Of course, for him I would have to create a completely new image. And Mister Sinister ... so that would be cool, "- Brian says.

  Indeed, in the form of Cranston Sinister / Nathaniel Essex would look awesome, but the actor, unfortunately, too late: supervillain appears in the upcoming trikvele "Wolverine" in the caste whose name is Brian does not appear. Although the role of the artist Mister Sinister has not yet been named, the likelihood that Cranston secretly starred in the role of the sinister scientist, incredibly small. It is hoped that sooner or later the studio bosses will find the actor in one of his superhero kinovselennyh.

In India, 17 soldiers were killed

At least 17 soldiers were killed in an attack by militants on a military camp in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir near the border with Pakistan, reports Reuters. Four of the attackers were killed. The agency notes that the attack was one of the largest number of casualties during the conflict in this region, which lasts for a quarter century. Pakistani authorities denied any involvement in the attack.

The attack began shortly after dawn. A large number of victims due to the fact that as a result of the attack the tents at a military camp was set on fire. It is known that the attackers used grenades. The battle lasted for several hours.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and the Chief of General Staff Gen. Dalbir Singh Suhag Army intend to visit Kashmir on Sunday. Earlier, an attack on a military camp also forced to cancel a visit to Russian Interior Minister Singh of India Radzhnatha.

So far no group has not claimed responsibility for the attack. The army is difficult to say whether we are talking about local militants or infiltrators across the line of contact with Pakistan terrorists.

French President Jacques Chirac, hospitalized

Former French President Jacques Chirac was hospitalized in Paris, reports TASS with reference to AFP.

Relatives of ex-president said that he was hospitalized due to infection of the lungs.

84-year-old Chirac has got to a hospital Dec. 9, 2015. Then he was hospitalized for "general health checks." Directly in front of this "feeling for a few days weakened."

Jacques Chirac was president of France from 1995 to 2007 (two terms). Prior to joining the Chirac Elysee Palace since 1977 headed the town hall of Paris.

Among the reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction experts allocate

Among the reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction, experts allocate:

diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc. endateriit;.
Endocrine disorders: hypogonadism (insufficient production of sex hormone testosterone), diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism and adrenal hyperplasia, pituitary tumor (prolactinoma), etc .;.
urologic pathology: congenital malformations of genital organs, prostate and bladder diseases, renal failure, etc .;.
neurological disorders, depression, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, trauma and the effects of the operation of the brain and spinal cord, pelvis and perineum.

According to research, 40 years after those or other violations of potency suffer 39% of the strong half of humanity, and then 50 in the discharge of their pass 69% of men.
But it also happens that the problems in the sexual sphere, and there are young members of the stronger sex. Most often this occurs because of fatigue, physical illness and psychological problems. At the same time the experts, only 16% of men treated for erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by organic disorders begins with their correction. Prior to this examination, usually includes:

tests for hormone levels;
Analysis of blood sugar;
ECG stress and at rest;
study lipid (triglycerides, total cholesterol, and high density lipoprotein).
Doppler blood vessels of the penis and / or prostate cancer.
 Causes erectile dysfunction, or How to understand - to the urologist or psychologist to address? If tests reveal deviations from the norm, come to the aid hormone replacement therapy, normalizing not only the potency, but also the heart, pressure, weight, blood parameters.
Assign it can only be a specialist. As well as improving the potency of modern preparations. (Viagra, Cialis,  Levitra, Vigora, Suhagra)

Russia and the US to cancel the meeting of UN Security Council

Russia and the US have canceled scheduled for Friday evening meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria, as Washington has refused to disclose details of the agreement with Moscow, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Permanent Representatives of the two countries.

The representative of the United States Mission to the United Nations referred to the fact that the disclosure of parts may affect the safety measures in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria. Washington expects an active discussion of the Syrian issue at the highest level - by next week, world leaders have gathered in New York to the top of the UN General Assembly.

Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Washington has so far refused to tell the Security Council in detail about the content of the deal with Russia, and certainly not ready to submit the documents. Permanent Representative doubted that the UN Security Council to consider a resolution on Syria on the background of the United States of silence, and Russia, he said, will not ask for Security Council members to support something, "the content of which they do not know."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry at a meeting in Geneva on 9 September adopted a package of Russian-American agreements of five documents. In general, the content is known: the parties agreed on the coordination of counter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance, enhancing and strengthening the temporary truce. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after the talks that the documents contain a "sufficiently serious, sensitive information ', and therefore to publish them soon.

The new Syria plan came into force on 12 of September. Three days later, the US side said that the agreements, in particular the delivery of humanitarian aid, are not carried out completely. On the eve of the parties have agreed to extend the shaky truce.

It is known that after a week of truce to work should start joint executive center. Presumably, it will help the coordination of attacks by Russian and US military groups of terrorists.

In New Jersey, he exploded a homemade bomb

Home-made device exploded in the state of New Jersey before mass charity run, there were no injuries, according to NBCNews citing local police.

The device made of iron pipes were laid in the trash can near the launch pad. There were no casualties but by happy coincidence: the explosion occurred at 9:30 am local time. The race was to start at 9 am , But the start was delayed due to problems with registration and a large influx of participants.

Race 5km canceled after the explosion.

New Jersey Police are investigating the incident. It is reported that in the vicinity of the race locations found another suspicious package. In place of the explosives work accident, the FBI and the representatives of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Riga airport urgently sat airliner without front landing gear

In the Latvian capital Riga airport made an emergency landing the plane with passengers, who after taking off the front landing gear stuck. Landing "on the belly" to be successful, no one on board was injured 67 people, reports Delfi.

The incident occurred with the flight company Air Baltic, the guide from Riga to Zurich. Shortly after takeoff the aircraft Bombardier Q400 NextGen crew noted a problem with the front landing gear.

it was decided to go back and spend a landing in conditions of increased security measures on the basis of this information.

The aircraft were put "on the belly". Among the passengers turned out to be a pilot Boeing, which has provided all possible assistance in the evacuation of passengers. On board were four crew members and 63 passengers, including a baby and two children.

After landing at the airport was closed for some time, including the examination of the runway. According to the services, the runway was not damaged.

Representatives of the airline said that now the technical inspection will be subject to all aircraft Bombardier Q400 NextGen, available to Air Baltic.

Retin a cream for acne

Retin a cream for acne

You have already tried all possible means against acne? Chances are, you might not notice one effective product, struggling with acne - Retin A. Even though the Retin a 05 is the most famous product because of its ability to treat aging, it is still not well known as a treatment for acne. This powerful connection working to improve the structure and function of the skin, whereby there are many advantages that can reduce the appearance of acne in teens and adults. Among other numerous advantages of retinol helps:

Retin a cream for acne

To control the production of sebum. One of the biggest triggers of acne - oily skin. Although healthy sebum protects and hydrates the skin surface, it may accumulate excess in the pores and facilitate growth in the number of bacteria that cause acne. Retin a 02, also called retinoids, reduces the amount of fat released by the skin, helping to suppress pathogenic bacteria.
Remove dead skin cells. In order to remove dead cells, the skin produces a special enzyme. Some suffer from acne do not have enough of this enzyme, so dead skin cells accumulate in the hair follicles, which block the sebaceous glands, creating a kind of cork. This plug of oil and dead skin cells leads to this unpleasant phenomenon as comedones. Retin-a has the ability to help the skin cleaned of these cells, reducing the appearance of comedones.
Reduces redness. In addition to comedones plug of dead skin cells and skin secretions block the flow of oxygen into the pores where bacteria appear. They thrive in the oxygen depleted environment where a lot of fat and therefore bacteria reproduce at a high speed. In addition to the formation of acne bacteria wastes creates redness and inflammation, traditional acne. As a means to prevent such jams Retinol is an effective way to reduce the redness of the skin. Retin a cream 0.05 side effects

On your skin affect your nerves

   It is scientifically proven that all diseases of the nerves, and even the skin - in particular. After all, between the skin and the nervous system, there is a direct close relationship. The skin constantly provides complete information about the state of the brain environment. As it can be seen? Very simple: the cold we merznu, in the heat sweating, if frightened by - pale, angry - blush and costs us nervous as the skin begins to peel off and become inflamed.

  To protect the skin, in the autumn-winter period it is recommended to guzzle a course of multivitamins. Particularly useful complexes with vitamins A, E and C, calcium and magnesium enriched. They relieve tension and improve skin condition.  retin a for acne

  Thus, peeling skin and perleches corners of the mouth - is a signal that the body lacks vitamin B. Start taking vitamins, and a week later the problem will disappear. And so they repeated ene, include in the diet of the liver, herbs and black bread.

WG Labs called Hybrid Wars

WG Labs called Hybrid Wars game release date, which is engaged in the creation of a Russian studio Extreme Developers. Action will be on sale on 29 September.

Hybrid Wars action occurs in the future. Players will be able to fight with the enemies in the open world, changing military vehicles directly during surgery. Total heroes have to perform 150 tasks in eight huge locations.

The Hybrid Wars will be the three main characters. Each of them relies on the help of its own drone. So, Alex Carter drone can treat soldiers on the battlefield. Second assistant hero, Ivan, restores force field master. A drone Jason Wood engaged in the delivery of resources and weapons.

The choice of players will offer two editions Hybrid Wars - standard and exclusive. At first enter the characters Alex Carter and Ivan (available to players registered under Wargaming account), and buyers will also receive a second Jason Wood, soundtrack and artbook.

Daniel Craig was offered $ 150 million for the next two Bond film

  Producers of "James Bond" do not lose the hope to leave Daniel Craig in his franchise. According to Radar site, the actor received "an offer you can not refuse" - $ 150 million for the next two films in the role of 007.

  Daniel Craig has repeatedly expressed reluctance to return to the role of James Bond after the painting "007: SPECTRUM". British bookmakers made a fascinating attraction, taking bets on the next artist of the cult role. More often than others in the sweepstakes mentioned names Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston.

Two days ago, the British "yellow" resource The Sun published the news that the franchise producers chose the star of the series "Luther". However, this is not the first unofficial "assignment." In June, the pool of applicants unexpectedly burst Aidan Turner, the appointment is immediately started talking in the affirmative. Also among the candidates - Michael Fassbender, Damian Lewis and Tom Hardy.

Website Radar quoted an anonymous insider who said that "James Bond" the owners are looking for a young receiver, but do not want to rush into signing. New Craig generous offer should give them more time for approval of the new 007. One of the main "shadow" of the candidates in this case remains the youngest person involved in Jamie Bell list. It is known that the actor met with producer Barbara Broccoli.

If Craig will remain in the "bondiane" for another two films in his track list will be six exits in the form of a record 007. Roger Moore, who played Bond in seven films, there is no threat. Sean Connery behind by one point in the official "bondiane", but with the "unauthorized" "Never Say Never", Moore has an equal output.

Julianne Moore falls hostage to terrorists

   Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe and Demián Bichir fit in a screen version of the bestseller Anne Petchett "Bel Canto» (Bel Canto) (published in Russia, entitled "Hostage"). In the director's chair planted Paul Ueyts ( "Meet the Fockers 2", "Being Flynn").

   The novel is based on real events that took place in Lima, Peru in 1996. A squad of terrorists from the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, a radical leftist group, entered the Japanese Embassy for the celebration of the birth of Emperor Akihito, took hostage 490 people, including diplomats and politicians. retin a 02 acne

   In the book and future film presented a fictional version of the story. American opera diva Roxane Coss (Moore) arrives in South America to give a private concert at a party on the occasion of the birthday of the Japanese industrial tycoon Katsumi Hosokawa (Watanabe). The estate, where the celebration, burst terrorists led by General Benjamin (Bishir).

Canadian economists predict a quick death mankind

   Mankind may die within a few hundred years: the probability that it will occur in 2290, is 50%, in 2710 - 95%, according to research firm BCA Research report.

   According to the report, which is referred to RBC, civilization closer to the turning point, breaking that humanity can rapidly increase the level of IQ due to genetic technologies. However, with increasing capacity and increasing end risks, economists argue, referring to the theorem on the end of the world.

   In their analysis, they start from the premise that the total fertility rate will stabilize at the level of 3.0 in the world (now about 2.4), and arrive at the estimate that 50-95% with a probability of destruction of mankind will come to 3000 years.  retin a

   If humanity is able to colonize other planets or to create giant orbiting ships, the probability of extinction of life on earth of any cataclysm sharply reduced, but at the moment the probability of doomsday is much higher than it was in the past or will in the future. vermox 100

   According to experts, if one assumes that mankind in the near future is waiting for death, the accumulation of funds ceases to be quite so attractive. This means that investors less reason to save money and more - to invest in risky assets. vigora sildenafil 100

   Note that for the history of mankind is not just ready for the offensive end of the world. Last time it was in 2012. Then the death of civilization was allegedly predicted the Mayan Indians. In many countries, waiting to sow panic. In Italy, the residents began to actively confess in China - established production arks.

   The famous theoretical physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking is sure to be saved from death, people should colonize other planets. According to him, this is what the next 100 years will happen to the Mars. Preliminary work in this direction is already underway. Recently, the United States ended the regular, already the fourth experiment to simulate a manned flight to the Red Planet.

Vermox for worms

Vermox for worms

There are diseases that are dependent on our way of life, but a certain number of diseases can affect anyone. The result can be an example - worm infestation, which affects not only unscrupulous people, but even by direct contact to infected people or animals, in the use of insufficiently prepared foods. In such diseases must take special preventative measures, including destination anthelmintic drugs. I propose to consider one popular means as pelleted Vermox, proven to treat both children and adults, and to take preventive measures.

Vermox - anthelmintic drug is a broad-spectrum, well and long established itself in the market. Use Vermox not limited to the direct impact on the affected organism, but it is successfully used for preventive dressing of the human body. Virtually no side effect of the drug is often administered to children and adults in a dose - one tablet per person. Perhaps re-use of a couple of weeks. Of course, your doctor may consider it necessary to prescribe another medication due to certain circumstances, so be careful and do not take any medications on their own. Stipulate their decisions to the doctor. And do not forget that you should pay attention to the instructions and monitor Vermox in his absence or occurrence of side effects for quick cancellation is not the appropriate remedy. Avoid Vermox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There are diseases that are dependent on our way of life, but a certain number of diseases can affect anyone. The result can be an example - worm infestation, which affects not only unscrupulous people, but even by direct contact to infected people or animals, in the use of insufficiently prepared foods. In such diseases must take special preventative measures, including destination anthelmintic drugs. I propose to consider one popular means as Vermox pill proven to treat both children and adults, and to take preventive measures.

vermox over the counter

Vermox online united states

Divorce former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder divorces his wife, 53-year-old Doris Schroeder-Koepf, after 19 years of marriage, according to Bild.

The couple officially filed for divorce. A year ago there were reports that they live separately, but during all this time, Schroeder appeared in public with his wife, according to Die Welt.

How to tell the friends of the family, the couple will continue together to take care of two adopted children from Russia - Victoria and Gregor, adopted in St. Petersburg in 2004 and 2006.  vermox over the counter

One in five top-manager is a psychopath

   The share of psychopaths among top managers of modern business corporations is about one-fifth of psychopaths and corresponds to the number of prisoners in prisons. This is according to a new study conducted by a group of scientists from Australia, ABC reported.

  They studied 261 head of business corporations and found that in 21% of cases there were signs of a "very high" level of psychopathic traits: inability to empathize, shallowness, insincerity. Similar results were obtained by scientists in the study of prison inmates.

  The researchers say that these results were significantly higher than what they expected. According to them, "successful psychopaths" have become much more common after the global financial crisis of 2008.

  "Too often, companies look at the skills of (candidate), and only secondarily - on the features of his personality", - said one of the study participants Nathan Brooks. vermox online

  Meanwhile, the researchers note that "successful psychopaths" can be unsafe. "As a rule, they are creating a lot of chaos and set people against each other", - says Brooks. According to him, such people can be superficially charming, but prone to unethical actions and against the law.

American pathologist suggested that Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned

Malaise in the US presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton could not go unnoticed lovers of conspiracy theories. Thus, the American pathologist Bennet Omalu suggested that Clinton could be poisoned, according to The Washington Post, which cites InoPressa.

September 11 Omalu published a post on his microblog on Twitter. In it, he advised Clinton to make the electoral headquarters of toxicological analysis of her blood. "Maybe she was poisoned," - said the doctor.

The Washington Post notes that the majority of users reacted to the suggestion Omalu skeptical. The newspaper reminds that this scientist is known for having brought the NFL trouble when found in the brain of deceased American football signs of chronic encephalopathy caused by head injuries.

Later Omalu left in another Twitter message, which explained his recommendation: "I do not trust Putin, and the two of Trump With that everything is possible.".

Recall Hillary Clinton unexpectedly interrupted part in the official ceremony to commemorate the victims of the attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York City due to illness. Staff representatives later claimed that the presidential candidate has overheated in the sun. vermox 

Hungarians are free to decide with whom they live.

   Foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, commenting on the appeal the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn exclude Hungary from the EU, called it frivolous nihilist, the statements which can be ignored, and asked to wait for the results of the referendum, which the Hungarians decide whether to take the migrants in the EU quota , said the publication Origo.

   "We already knew that Jean Asselborn - the person frivolous" - Siyyarto said. Head of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he described as "ordinary nihilist," "preach, smug and embittered" and "to work tirelessly for the destruction of Europe's security and culture." He wants to exclude Hungary from the EU, but he "has long excluded from the policy," said Foreign Minister of Hungary.

  Siyyarto said that the Hungarians themselves should express their opinion and to decide with whom they live. "This right may not deprive them of any officials in Brussels or Luxembourg Foreign Minister", - he said.   vermox for worms

Foreign Minister of Luxembourg proposed the deletion of Hungary from the EU

   Foreign Minister of Luxembourg proposed the deletion of Hungary from the EU for the treatment of refugees like animals

   Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn called exclude Hungary from the European Union. He stated this in an interview with Die Welt.

   "We can not accept the fact that the fundamental values ​​of the EU are now massively violated. Countries that, like Hungary, build fences against war refugees or restrict the freedom of the press and independence of the judiciary, should be temporarily or, if necessary, all permanently excluded from EU ", - the politician said a few days before the EU summit on the future of the Union in Bratislava.

   According to Asselborn, "fences which builds Hungary to keep the refugees become more extended and higher." The authorities treat refugees with both the "wild beasts", and is not far from being able to start a fire on the workers. "Anyone who wants to overcome a fence, should expect the worst" - said Asselborn.

  According to the politician, with the exception of Hungary from the EU - "the only way to preserve the unity and values ​​of the European Union." He also proposed to change the procedure to decide on a temporary or untimely expulsion of a member of the EU. Currently this requires the unanimous consent of all members of the Union. Asselborn said that this condition should be abolished.

  The foreign minister of Luxembourg, said that if the decision to join Hungary in the European Union taken now, this country would not have any chance. vermox