Genetically modified bacteria - a new weapon against cancer

  A team of researchers from Korea working on a vaccine against bacterial infection, affecting shellfish. Also, scientists have tried to figure out whether the bacteria can deal with cancer. Specialists noticed that the bacteria that attack shellfish, produces a protein Flab, triggers an immune response, writes Medical Xpress.

The researchers made sure that the bacteria Salmonella have started to produce the above protein. Salmonella are usually looking for oxygen-poor tissues and destroy them. A few tumors of oxygen. Accordingly, ( acne cream )Salmonella can kill them. Introduction Salmonella in the bloodstream of mice led to a decrease in tumor size. But the result was temporary. Therefore, the scientists decided to modify the bacteria.

  Genetically modified Salmonella sent in a number of organs and in the tumor of mice. Once the immune system is trying to eliminate the bacteria from the body. She attacked the bacteria in the tumors and tumors themselves. Due to this 12 11 of 20 days the experimental animals got rid of tumors.

Then researchers conducted another experiment. They are administered to the mice aggressive cancerous cells, and then - the modified bacteria. After 27 days, the researchers found: 4 out of 8 mice turned out to 4 or fewer tumors, and some did not have them at all. Meanwhile, all of the rodent control group there were dozens of tumors.