Smoking in the room is dangerous

   Employees of the Lawrence National Laboratory warn sticky residue of cigarette smoke on the furniture a negative impact on children. Tertiary tobacco smoke weakens the immune system of the newborn. As a consequence, increases the risk of serious illnesses, says The Daily Mail.

  Infants are particularly at risk, as they often lick various objects in the house. According to the researchers, most likely, tertiary smoke worse than primary or secondary. Scientists conducted a study on newborn mice exposed to tobacco smoke tertiary. retin a cream for acne

  The cells were placed some rodents pieces of cotton cloth with a deposit of tobacco smoke. The researchers found that these animals weighed significantly less than those not exposed to tobacco smoke in tertiary development. But it was temporary. After leaving the cell, the mouse began to gain weight and caught up with their peers.

  However, the impact of tertiary smoke led to persistent changes in blood cells associated with the immune system. Thus, in rodents exposed tertiary smoke had more individual platelets and white blood cell types, particularly those that are related to inflammation and allergic reactions. These changes were maintained for 14 weeks after the end of the experiment.