In the United States experienced a disposable cardboard drone

  The American company Otherlab conducted successful flight test of a new disposable cardboard unmanned aircraft designed to deliver small loads to the specified point.

  According to N + 1, the development of the cardboard of the aircraft, which is a glider without engine, made by a "flying wing", is being commissioned by the Agency Defense Advanced Development (DARPA). Development Otherlab called APSARA (Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions, air platform for stand-alone operations, supply). retin-a acne

  Housing drone pilot is fully biodegradable. Thus, without a trace disappears within a few days in a humid climate. Maximum capacity APSARA of one kilogram, and the flight range can reach 150 kilometers. This drone is able to land at a distance of 10 meters from a given point.

  During the tests, cardboard drone was thrown from oktokoptera, and then he just planned to the intended target and successfully landed.