Reducing calories slows aging

Development tools, anti-aging, is engaged in multi-billion dollar industry, but these funds work mainly at the skin level. This aging is much deeper - at the cellular level, and the researchers from Brigham Young University (Brigham Young University) found that diet may slow its reduction.

An article about this, they published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics Journal. The researchers found that when the ribosome - protein producers - slow down its work, the aging process is also slowed down. protein production speed becomes smaller, but the ribosomes are able to "maintenance" - they have an extra time out to recover.

Senior author of the study, professor of biochemistry John Price (John Price) called the elements of the complex system of cells and compared them with cars.  ( retin a cream ) When tires are cleared, he said, the owner of the car does not throw it, but simply change what is necessary. Similarly it is going to ribosomes.
Experiments on mice have shown that the slow work of ribosomes decrease caloric food intake. Prof. Price and his colleagues watched two groups of mice, one of which ate the same thing as always, and the other reduced caloric intake by 35%, while retaining all the nutrients.

The head of the group said that the relationship between the amount of calorie intake and life expectancy was almost linear, and that a change in diet really slow down the aging process in laboratory animals, causing biochemical changes in their bodies. Team John Pryce - is not the first who proved that between calorie food and life expectancy there is a connection, but the first, which showed that the decrease in calories slows the synthesis of proteins. The researchers also reported that mice which were kept on a low calorie diet, less likely to suffer from disease, were more energetic and stay young longer.

Ribosomes cost dearly body. To produce all the necessary proteins, they use 10-20% of cell energy. When the ribosome starts to work, "cheaper" for the body worse than give it to recover so that it can make proteins more than bring the situation to the destruction of a valuable item.

Genetically modified bacteria - a new weapon against cancer

  A team of researchers from Korea working on a vaccine against bacterial infection, affecting shellfish. Also, scientists have tried to figure out whether the bacteria can deal with cancer. Specialists noticed that the bacteria that attack shellfish, produces a protein Flab, triggers an immune response, writes Medical Xpress.

The researchers made sure that the bacteria Salmonella have started to produce the above protein. Salmonella are usually looking for oxygen-poor tissues and destroy them. A few tumors of oxygen. Accordingly, ( acne cream )Salmonella can kill them. Introduction Salmonella in the bloodstream of mice led to a decrease in tumor size. But the result was temporary. Therefore, the scientists decided to modify the bacteria.

  Genetically modified Salmonella sent in a number of organs and in the tumor of mice. Once the immune system is trying to eliminate the bacteria from the body. She attacked the bacteria in the tumors and tumors themselves. Due to this 12 11 of 20 days the experimental animals got rid of tumors.

Then researchers conducted another experiment. They are administered to the mice aggressive cancerous cells, and then - the modified bacteria. After 27 days, the researchers found: 4 out of 8 mice turned out to 4 or fewer tumors, and some did not have them at all. Meanwhile, all of the rodent control group there were dozens of tumors.

It can not be too often to have sex

  Many people think: the more often the partners are having sex, the better. However, according to a new study, it is not. It turns out that too frequent sex negatively affects the level of sexual satisfaction. According to scientists, sex just once a week.

  Yet the researchers found that the planned unplanned sex better. And all too often deprives sex relationships thrills. ( retin a for acne )Perhaps it is because of this degree of sexual satisfaction decreased, writes Deccan Chronicle.

 Also, experts have established: the quality of sex does not depend on its duration. A more important role is played by creativity and mutual understanding between the partners. Apparently, so with age increases the quality of sex life. Most respondents said that the most important thing - to find a suitable partner.

5 products for beautiful skin

5 products for beautiful skin

That the skin was healthy, beautiful, and as long as possible remained young, it is important to take care of it, not only outside but also inside. So, you should look closely at what we eat. 15 These products work on the skin benefit no worse than the most expensive creams and masks.


The benefits of clean water has not only lazy. But we repeat: Water - one of the cheapest, but the most effective way to cleanse the skin and help the body to function better.

Green tea

Green tea - a storehouse of antioxidants. So, a great way to moisturize the skin and restore its healthy color.


Peppermint has a rejuvenating, restorative and anti-inflammatory effect. You want to forget about the problems such as acne and acne, use a lotion or tonic with mint.

Olive oil

Olive oil - an excellent and versatile cosmetic product itself. No wonder it is called "liquid gold", or the elixir of youth and longevity. Retin a cream for acne


Avocado - a real fount of vitamin E, which improves skin tone and body as a whole! In addition to the beneficial properties of avocado - it is also a very rich product.

Kylie Minogue presented the first collection of glasses

Kylie Minogue presented the first collection of glasses. The face of the advertising campaign became the singer.

The debut collection was released in conjunction with the brand Specsavers.

In the pictures the singer has once again surprised fans his magnificent figure and impeccable style.

retin a

Video disguised Trump became a hit online

Video disguised Trump became a hit online

Clip gathered for four days of more than 1.2 million views.

The network was released video in which the example of  Donald Trump showed how to dress properly. The author of the Viral Video acted edition GO. For four days the roller managed to gather more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

In particular, the fashionable edition gave the president a few tips on trousers, tie, hair and complexion. And at the same time it showed the effect may turn out in the end.  retin-A

Green tea helps with bone marrow diseases

   It is known that green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and promote weight loss. Now, scientists from the University of Washington and colleagues found from Germany: green tea component (epigallocatechin gallate) is useful for people with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis - a potentially fatal bone marrow abnormalities, reports Zee News.

  Amyloidosis - a violation of protein metabolism. In one of its forms, AL-amyloidosis, abnormal immunoglobulin light chains appear in the blood plasma. retin-a cream They can accumulate in various organs such as the heart and kidney. Experts wanted to understand how the circuit works. Also, the researchers wanted to know how in the chain affects epigallocatechin gallate.

   Scientists have light chain immunoglobulin 9 samples of patients with pathologies stagnant brain that caused multiple myeloma or amyloidosis. During the experiments, experts found that epigallocatechin gallate translating circuit to a safe state.

Smoking in the room is dangerous

   Employees of the Lawrence National Laboratory warn sticky residue of cigarette smoke on the furniture a negative impact on children. Tertiary tobacco smoke weakens the immune system of the newborn. As a consequence, increases the risk of serious illnesses, says The Daily Mail.

  Infants are particularly at risk, as they often lick various objects in the house. According to the researchers, most likely, tertiary smoke worse than primary or secondary. Scientists conducted a study on newborn mice exposed to tobacco smoke tertiary. retin a cream for acne

  The cells were placed some rodents pieces of cotton cloth with a deposit of tobacco smoke. The researchers found that these animals weighed significantly less than those not exposed to tobacco smoke in tertiary development. But it was temporary. After leaving the cell, the mouse began to gain weight and caught up with their peers.

  However, the impact of tertiary smoke led to persistent changes in blood cells associated with the immune system. Thus, in rodents exposed tertiary smoke had more individual platelets and white blood cell types, particularly those that are related to inflammation and allergic reactions. These changes were maintained for 14 weeks after the end of the experiment.

In the United States experienced a disposable cardboard drone

  The American company Otherlab conducted successful flight test of a new disposable cardboard unmanned aircraft designed to deliver small loads to the specified point.

  According to N + 1, the development of the cardboard of the aircraft, which is a glider without engine, made by a "flying wing", is being commissioned by the Agency Defense Advanced Development (DARPA). Development Otherlab called APSARA (Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions, air platform for stand-alone operations, supply). retin-a acne

  Housing drone pilot is fully biodegradable. Thus, without a trace disappears within a few days in a humid climate. Maximum capacity APSARA of one kilogram, and the flight range can reach 150 kilometers. This drone is able to land at a distance of 10 meters from a given point.

  During the tests, cardboard drone was thrown from oktokoptera, and then he just planned to the intended target and successfully landed.

Grapes protects against Alzheimer's disease

  A new study by the University of California, showed that daily intake of grapes prevents premature cognitive decline associated with dementia. The study was attended by people who have prematurely deteriorated memory, reports Zee News.

  The volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group received a daily dose of grape powder, equivalent to about two cups per day of grapes, and the second - placebo. Cognitive and metabolic function of the participants in the brain was assessed at baseline and 6 months later.

  The researchers found that metabolic activity in the brain areas affected in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease in volunteers who consumed the grape powder, remained normal.( Retin a cream for acne ) And members of the other group of the level of metabolic activity in these areas of the brain decreased. In addition, people who consumed the grape powder, increased levels of metabolic activity in other areas of the brain. This is correlated with the individual improvements in attention and working memory.

  According to experts, the polyphenols contained in grapes, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. According to previous studies, the grapes reduces the level of oxidative stress in the brain, a positive effect on blood flow and helps to maintain normal levels of a chemical associated with memory.