1 Canadian economists predict a quick death mankind Mankind may die within a few hundred years: the probability that it will occur in 2290, is 50%, in 2710 - 95%, according to research firm BCA Research report.
2 Julianne Moore falls hostage to terrorists Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe and Demi├ín Bichir fit in a screen version of the bestseller Anne Petchett "Bel Canto» (Bel Canto)
3 On your skin affect your nerves It is scientifically proven that all diseases of the nerves, and even the skin - in particular. After all, between the skin and the nervous system, there is a direct close relationship.
4 Britney Spears and acne Like Katy Perry, pop princess Britney is suffering from acne since his childhood. Even now the mother of two children popping up annoying pimples on the face. But there were times even worse, as evidenced by this photo:
5 In Thailand, the first recorded cases of microcephaly because of Zika virus The Ministry of Health in Thailand has confirmed the information about the birth of the first two babies with microcephaly caused by infection with a virus Zika, informs Reuters.
6 Proper diet will save us from the most severe jet lag Jet lag is a failure in the circadian rhythms caused by jet lag. Employees of the University of Surrey found: regulation of meal times,
7 Drink water only when you want Our bodies are capable to regulate the amount of water required. Accordingly, the statements about the need to drink at least two liters of water a day are wrong, says The Sydney Morning Herald.
8 The microflora of the oral cavity and migraines were linked Scientists have found that in the mouth of victims of migraine lives more germs capable of altering the salt of nitric acid in the mouth than people without the headaches, reports Zee News .
9 In Singapore, will create a flight control system of drones Nanyang Technological University of Singapore has started to develop the flight control system of unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be able to track airborne drones.
10 Video games can not only entertain, but also to treat depression Special games affect the hidden cognitive problems, and not just struggling with the symptoms. The group of experts tested the technique by inviting older people with depression.